Monday, December 7, 2015

December Closes Out Fantastic Year for AEC Fair Trade

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) continues to press forward with the Scope Clarification and Circumvention Case against China Zhongwang (ZW).  With this effort we continue to put pressure on the Department of Commerce (DOC) to make a decision on the 5xxx alloy issue.  In the background, the Third Administrative Review is winding down while the Fourth Administrative Review is underway.

On November 19, a representative of AEC sat down with the DOC to discuss our filing against ZW.  Evidence was laid out to their team demonstrating the impacts that the 5xxx alloy imports have had on the domestic market and the petition filed last month was reviewed.  The strength of our argument lies in the fact that the so-called 5xxx alloy extrusions flooding the U.S. market are either covered by the scope of our trade orders, or are a blatant attempt to evade duties.  Either way, this must stop! According to DOC rules, the Department has 45 days from the date of the filing to decide if a circumvention investigation will be initiated.  We absolutely believe the evidence in this case and the enormous tonnage of metal being dumped into the U.S. justifies an investigation.

Apart from this petition, we continue to look for the DOC to make a decision on the two scope requests concerning 5xxx alloy that are pending.  Just this week, the DOC delayed its decision until January.  It has been nearly two years.  Time is up!

We continue to look forward to a great result from the Third Administrative Review.  Last month we reported that countervailing duty (CVD) rates will increase to approximately 22%.  While we haven’t seen the numbers for the antidumping duties (AD) case, we expect an increase from its current 33% rate.

This has been a fantastic year for our case.  From finding ourselves on the frontlines of the international aluminum crisis, to filing a game-changing case against the largest extruder in China, we can all be proud of our collective efforts and support.  Next year is huge for us.  Our five-year Expiry Review will take place, there will be a Fifth Annual Review, and decisions will come on the 5xxx issue.  Your continued support is what makes this happen.  Thank you!