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Are Chinese Imports of Extruded Products Affecting You?

Over the past several years, each of us in the industry has had to assess and decide the role we felt compelled to play in this long-term battle for fair trade. In doing so, a question that constantly comes up: “Is my business being affected by this onslaught of imported Chinese extrusions or not?”
While it is a simple question, finding the answer isn’t always obvious. There are two avenues to find the answer to this question. One is being able to put your finger on specific business--that either left when the imports were escalating or came back once the duties were applied. The other would be to assess the overall impact to your business as the industry absorbed the huge level of imports in 2009 and the early part of 2010.
The first is the easy one. If you can put your finger on specific bits of business that either disappeared when Chinese imports were escalating dramatically in 2009 or, conversely, if you can identify specific bits of either returning business or new business that …