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Keep That Ram Moving Forward

By Jason Weber, AEC VP of Government Affairs   On June 17 th , the International Trade Commission (ITC) will issue the Final Producer Questionnaire in the Aluminum Extrusion AD/CVD cases .  The questionnaire is due 30 days after it is issued .  As always, we continue to update membership with Trade Alerts as appropriate to keep them informed .  Beyond the Final Producer Questionnaire, key upcoming dates are the Final Hearing on September 9, 2024, the Final Vote on October 23, 2024, and the Final Determination on November 11 , 2024.   In last month’s essentiALs article and Fair Trade blog post, I outlined the recent Department of Commerce (DOC) changes to the 232 Aluminum Tariffs .  In that article, I outlined the following Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes that were removed from the General Approved Exclusions (GAEs):    GAE. 1.A : HTS 7609000000 (Aluminum tube or pipe fittings (for example, couplings, elbows, sleeves);   GAE. 4.A : HTS 7604210010 (Hollow profiles of aluminum
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Progress Made on AD Case and GAEs for Aluminum Extrusions

Written by Jason Weber, V.P. of Government Affairs, Aluminum Extruders Council. May proved to be a significant month for Trade and Government Affairs in the world of aluminum extrusions. At the beginning of May, the Department of Commerce (DOC) announced the affirmative determination on the anti-dumping (AD) portion of the trade case brought by the U.S. Aluminum Extruders Coalition (USAEC). You can read the announcement HERE . With the preliminary determination anti-dumping and countervailing duties announced against the subject countries, duty collection has begun and will be assessed against the importer of record. In between the preliminary determination and final hearing (September), Commerce will continue to collect information and potentially adjust the rates set during the preliminary determination. Another significant announcement on May 20 came from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) within the DOC, which adjusted the General Approved Exclusions (GAEs) on Section 232 ta

Still Awaiting 232 News; China Scope Issues Settling

Currently, the trade agenda has largely been pursued by the Aluminum Extruders Coalition.  As they do the work and pay the bills to take this new case to its final hearing later this year, the AEC is still working on legacy matters with the original China case.  Additionally, we continue to work with Commerce to get the Generally Approved Exclusions (GAEs) removed from the Aluminum Extrusion 232.   Unfortunately, we haven’t heard any word from D.C. on the 232, but I am led to believe a decision is imminent.   We continue to show evidence of aluminum extruders exporting from countries not a part of the coalition’s case as proof that the 232 still has a place in protecting our industry.   If you see a news item about a new extrusion operation in another country aimed at our market, please send it to me.   It should be noted that the Dominican Republic part of the Coalition’s case did not survive the preliminary round.   So, this is a clear example of how we need whatever protection we

A Nice Win to Start the Year!

 For months you’ve read my blog posts bemoaning the terrible decisions coming out of Washington D.C. related to our case.  Well, with the New Year, we have a fresh start.  And it’s a good one!  The industry has won its first Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) case involving fencing extrusions.  On December 20, 2023, Fortress withdrew its request for an administrative review, prompting U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) to terminate the administrative review entirely. Termination of the review makes the CBP’s affirmative determination of evasion final.  When terminating the review, CBP clarified that termination does not in any way preclude CBP or other agencies from pursuing additional enforcement actions against Fortress or imposing penalties should the need arise. The other EAPA fencing case is pending, and it appears the respondent is not participating.  We submitted voluntary factual information and the company in question did not submit written arguments by the November 6, 202

Aluminum Extruders Coalition are Heroes

 The fair-trade efforts of the United States aluminum extrusion industry have certainly changed in 2023.  A year ago today, AEC members were evaluating their best strategy to address illegal and unfairly imported extrusions.  Having exhausted every effort through legislation, agency work, defense of our China orders, and so much more, aluminum extruders came together to form the Aluminum Extruders Coalition.  This group of heroic extruders took the bold step to form and file a trade case .  That case was filed against 15 countries.  In all cases an antidumping case was filed, and in four of those cases there was also a countervailing subsidy case filed.  That filing has shocked the world. As the trade case moved from concept and planning to launching and filing, a lot of work was being done to be as inclusive in this process as possible.  The more voices the Coalition had the more input available to make our case.  Furthermore, these filings are extremely expensive.  This is the essenc

Aluminum Extruders Coalition Files Historic Case; Customs Says “Yes”

Well, in case you missed it, a group of Aluminum Extruders Council members filed a historic AD/CVD case against 15 countries.  All 15 countries will be sued for dumping (AD), and four will be sued for subsidies (CVD).  In a press release issued earlier this week, which you can read here , the countries were identified as well as the projected duties the coalition seeks.  Anyone within the four walls of the Aluminum Extruders Council knew this was coming.  It has been discussed for four years.  To address rising imports, we battled in the enforcement arena, we went hard after products under assault in scope challenges and worked hard on the 232.  After exhausting every available option, and never seeing a dent in the import stats, we were faced with this hard decision.  That is where we are today.  The Hearing will be held later this month, and decisions will start to be rendered in the weeks that follow.  Communications about the details of this case will be handled by the Coalition,

Trade Enforcement and Rumors about the 232

 The U.S. extrusion industry is analyzing trade data to determine the best strategy to address the rising imports we’ve seen over the last four years.  This deep analysis has not stopped us from pursuing trade remedies within our existing orders against China.  So, over the last month we have seen activity in the China case in trade enforcement.  We currently have two EAPA allegations that are active.  One is in the fencing industry, the other is in automotive applications.  The first has significant volume implications, while the second is a key precedent regarding Chinese extrusions being sent to Mexico for fabrication prior to export to the U.S.  Each case is proceeding and when we can comment publicly about it, we will. Meanwhile, reports began to surface out of D.C. last week of movement in the 232 program.  As I write this entry, I am still not clear if this is a legislative effort intended to redefine the nature of how 232 Orders can be launched, versus a pending announcement fr