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Fair Trade Update: Running the Table

We couldn’t be happier to announce that the AEC has won its 6000-series alloyed pallet and 5050 alloy scope clarification/circumvention cases against Zhongwang and others.  Just last week, the Department of Commerce (DOC) ruled that 5050 alloyed extrusions will be subject to our orders regardless of producer, exporter, or importer.  Read the full details about the decision here.

Furthermore, the deadline has passed for any appeals on last month’s decision from the DOC on the fake pallets from Zhongwang.  These decisions, which come on the heels of our successful Sunset Review earlier this year, are tantamount to "running the table" this year!

Even so, threats still exist.  We continue to hear reports of possible circumvention and transshipment of extrusions into the U.S. from Vietnam and Malaysia.  Additionally, the Trump Administration’s decision to order a 232 Investigation into the impact of aluminum imports on national security could lead to tariffs on imports of primar…