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AEC Fair Trade: Staying the Course Yields Victories

At this year’s Annual Meeting, attendees were treated to a presentation from the lead attorney on our China Fair Trade Case.  In that presentation, which can be viewed here (you will need your AEC login credentials), Robert DeFrancesco, Partner at Wiley Rein, walked us through the key issues impacting not only our industry’s case, but the greater challenges to the aluminum market.  Please review Robert’s presentation and consider how important US-China trade issues are to aluminum extruders throughout North America.

These macro-political issues create challenges for our industry beyond our reach.  Only through collaborating with other industries that are under assault will we be able to influence policy-makers in the way we must in order to survive the relentless, unfair, and illegal trade actions coming out of the People’s Republic of China.

With this in mind, I was able to articulate AEC’s renewed strategy in my presentation in Palm Desert.  While we still must stay vigilant on sco…